Custom Sex Toys

Looking for a custom sex toy? You've hit the jackpot! Pick your toy, then personalise it by selecting colors, firmness, size, and add-ons. Each and every one of our fantasy toys are hand-poured from the finest platinum silicone and shipped out in just 1-6 days. 


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The Tentacle Grinder IIThe Tentacle Grinder II
The BulletThe Bullet
The Mini SquishiesThe Mini Squishies
The Tentacle GrinderThe Tentacle Grinder
The KnotThe Knot
Sale priceFrom £40
The WerewolfThe Werewolf
Sale priceFrom £40
The Double Suction CupThe Double Suction Cup
The Micro Squishies: Bag of DicksThe Micro Squishies: Bag of Dicks
The Tentacle: KnotThe Tentacle: Knot
The Tentacle OvipositorThe Tentacle Ovipositor
The ArboraThe Arbora
Sale priceFrom £40
The Aster PlugThe Aster Plug
Sale priceFrom £25
The Surprise Me Egg (Individual)The Surprise Me Egg (Individual)
The Alien OvipositorThe Alien Ovipositor
The Tentacle Grinder IIIThe Tentacle Grinder III
3 For 2
The Synstyl Grinder Cock RingThe Synstyl Grinder Cock Ring
The Depth TrainerThe Depth Trainer
The Synstyl GrinderThe Synstyl Grinder
The Spiked GrinderThe Spiked Grinder
The Micro Squishies: Family of DicksThe Micro Squishies: Family of Dicks
The GeeyemThe Geeyem
Sale priceFrom £40
The Tentacle SheathThe Tentacle Sheath
The Sea HorseThe Sea Horse
Sale priceFrom £50
The Alien Egg (Set of 3)The Alien Egg (Set of 3)
The Swell GrinderThe Swell Grinder
The Magic Pendant GrinderThe Magic Pendant Grinder
The PlugThe Plug
Sale priceFrom £24
The TentacleThe Tentacle
Sale priceFrom £55
The Knot IIThe Knot II
Sale priceFrom £40
The Tentacle MasturbatorThe Tentacle Masturbator
The Werewolf IIThe Werewolf II
Sale priceFrom £40
The Tentacle Grinder IVThe Tentacle Grinder IV
The Knot SheathThe Knot Sheath
The Coral Keeper GrinderThe Coral Keeper Grinder
The Made To Measure OG Penis ExtenderThe Made To Measure OG Penis Extender
Let's Stick Together Vac-U-Lock Compatible Suction CupLet's Stick Together Vac-U-Lock Compatible Suction Cup
The Tentacle: Knot Bullet SleeveThe Tentacle: Knot Bullet Sleeve
The Made To Measure Werewolf ExtenderThe Made To Measure Werewolf Extender
The PinpointThe Pinpoint
Sale priceFrom £30
The EquiknotThe Equiknot
Sale priceFrom £40
The Werewolf SheathThe Werewolf Sheath
The VoidThe Void
Sale priceFrom £50
The Swirling Egg (Set of 3)The Swirling Egg (Set of 3)
The Werewolf Bullet SleeveThe Werewolf Bullet Sleeve
The RealisticThe Realistic
Sale priceFrom £50
The Egg (Set of 3)The Egg (Set of 3)
The Bathtub GrinderThe Bathtub Grinder
3 For 2
The Tentacle Grinder II Cock RingThe Tentacle Grinder II Cock Ring
The Double Knot SheathThe Double Knot Sheath
The Tentacle: Knot IIThe Tentacle: Knot II