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The Knot
I recommend

The size and shape are exactly what I expected based on the pictures and description. Definitely make note of the measurements, and I recommend comparing them to a toy you already have if you can. The whole process was very fast, less than two weeks from order to arrival, which is crazy to me! I picked the random multicolor option and am very happy with the colors, it looks beautiful!

The best

Not my first knotted dildo but definitively my favourite one now. Perfect firmess (medium) and I got lucky with the color (surprise me basic). I paid customs fees because I'm from Europe, but that won't stop me to buy another one (the small size made me greedy for the medium one). Amazing product, thanks.

Just what I was hoping for

It’s very high quality, so pretty, perfect firmness, and very wearable!

Beautiful and well made

Very detailed pretty design, perfect texture and squish it also has a nice heft that makes it feel very sturdy!

I chose the ‘Surprise Me Premium’ colour option, I’m glad I did because the colours are so vibrant and beautiful I love it!

The toy looks and feels very high quality, the detail, firmness and texture all feel top notch!

I will be ordering from Uncover Creations in the future again!

Gorgeous and stimulating

I have been anxiously awaiting the toy because of the color choices and requests I made, and omg it is gorgeous! I love the little details you can see in the silicone. Felt great to use, although I did have to try a couple of different grinding methods before I got to one that gave me the best stimulation. Can't wait to use this more and use it in different situations. Returning customer for sure!

Perfect All Around

I've been through all three sizes UC offers and the large is a perfect size for somebody that wants to dip their toes into size royalty! Just enough to pack an extra "oomph", not too big to the point where you can't use it as your go-to toy. I chose the surprise premium colors and got an absolutely gorgeous strawberry-lemonade pink/yellow combination themed toy as well, I literally cannot compliment how pretty it is enough (the only photo I could find is of it on its' side, but it still does it justice). By far my favorite, go-to toy!

For the Partner's Pleasure!

My partner wears this for my at my request, and I love it. It's exactly like the grinder I have - but much smaller! Because it's slimmer in size, I find that it helps to add something underneath it (like a folded washcloth!) to help it get enough height to get it where I need it to "be". But once it's there, it definitely adds hands-free clitoral pleasure in a way we've never found with other cock rings or sex toys before. I'd love to see one with more built-in height, but we already love this one too!

I love this toy to pieces

I tend to love grinders, and this one is my favourite so far. So intricate, so intense, so detailed. Even the smallest movement feels so delightful. I've read numerous rave reviews before getting this toy and they were all completely justified. If I'm unhappy about anything, it's just that I wish I'd got it sooner - I really feel this could be the Grinder to End All Grinders.
Aside from being a superb toy, it's also visually stunning. I couldn't decide on the colour, so I opted for a surprise. I messaged the makers to let them know there's one colour I particularly dislike and they were so sweet to deal with. And I'm over the moon with the colours they chose for me. I love yellow sex toys, and my inner Batgirl fan is practically screaming with excitement!
Thank you so much for my Tentacle Grinder 💛🖤

The Knot
Great product but one issue..

The toy was amazing, both the look and feel was exactly what I had hoped (except for one tiny flap of silicone at the tip that's jutting out for a millimeter or two, but whatever, that's a very small issue).
However, the bottom of the toy is much more oval shaped than I had realized, so despite the double suction cup supposedly working with any size "The Knot" above extra small, the toys base is just too narrow for the suction cup to work with it.
This is a big drawback as I wanted it to be hands free 😢
But in the end it's probably my best feeling toy, so I might be interested in another one with a vac-u-lock suction cup and no cum tube instead. Seeing as the double suction cup probably only works with medium or large toys if they all have the same oval shaped base.
Oh btw, the glow in the dark pink was worth EVERY PENNY! It's so pretty! 😍
Thanks for a discreet shopping experience and some very good times 😉👌

worth the wait!

yes, they're a small company, yes it will take them a while to make your toy.

but it's soooo worth it! 🥳
you'll get the most beautiful, one of a kind toy in your collection, the orgasms of which will break your fucking mind.

The Realistic
Raven G.
A Dream Come True

I have looked for two years for a toy with this particular pour and model, and I am beyond ecstatic that I finally have one! The color is beautiful, and communicating just how I wanted it to look was easy and responses were fast. First toy from here, but probably not the last.

Best Eggs!

I spoke to two other companies before finding UC about a custom Easter present, and not only were they the only one willing to work with me, they custom made and delivered all 6 in just a couple of weeks! (Overseas!) 10/10, will buy from you again!

Miniature perfection!

These are such perfect lil' guys, the colours I got were super pretty too!

They're spot on for what I needed them as decorations for!

Cute pour and amazing quality :)

Communication was amazing! I selected the suprise me premium option and got this in soft + medium and the texture was amazing! This was my first time expirimenting with something like this and it definately worked out very well and came a lot faster than I expected! I highly recommend.

So Delicious!

I think some grinders are missing a bit of protrusion, but not the Coral Keeper! That reaching "claw" feels so great for external or internal play with some of the most gorgeous, detailed molding I've seen in my collection of fantasy toys. And it feels so freakin' fantastic!

Custom medium eggs

AMAZING!! I absolutely love the texture and size definitely recommend for those curious about egg toys!! A tip for egg toys in general figure out the girth you usually like in a toy and then getting eggs close to that girth feels fantastic! I look forward to using these under UV when I can get my lights set up!

I absolutely love it. It took less than 3 weeks for my order to be made and delivered, I think that's really good for a hand-made item. I ordered a mix of the glow-in-the-dark colors and they don't disappoint, they look really nice. I also really like the way it feels I love the super-soft material. All in all very happy and I will order again :D Thanks Ed for making such a great toy for me! It also came with a tiny version of the toy; got to love this seller. Finally, also the customer support is truly excellent! The toy that I got initially had a tiny imperfection and I promptly got a replacement without any hassle at all. It was a very pleasant experience.

Happy customer :)

Worth every penny! Works great with the vibe and without. The artist did a great job on such a lovely pour. I got the bullet vibe add on and the super soft texture add on. The soft texture made it easier to get the bullet vibe in. It does have a pretty strong nutty scent open opening originally but does wear off after a while after airing out and use. It did take a little time to get used to the scent at first. Overall very happy and will likely be purchasing another one in the near future.

Gorgeous mount

I'd been searching for this kind of product for a long time, mainly to use with small grinders without their own straps. The look of the mount is everything I wanted (gold + purple fade). Though I've yet to test it in action, the suction cup seems sucky enough, even with bases that doesn't cover it completely. At this point I'm more than pleased.

The one that started it all.

I remember when this eas the only grinder! Did the silky upgrade and opted for the bullet hole (but you really don't need it). Either way it does the job! 10/10 recommend. Best investment and you get to pick the color!

Really neat

it’s a really neat egg, I didn’t get it for use I just wanted to see what the large egg looked like an thought it’d make a neat squishy. which it ending up being purple was pretty funny cause it matches a xenomorph toy figure I have so it’s decor now.
It seems slightly textured like the 3D print wasn’t sanded before the mold was made which I thought was odd for a smooth egg, I don’t know if that’d effect use positively or negatively. Probably depends on the person! one star off for the odd texture though sense smooth eggs should be smooth in my opinion, but fantastic other than that at least for my use

not thrilled with it

the medium firmness is much more like a firm firmness from other shops so keep that in mind. The cool pink color looks more dark and bright than you’d expect an if the fade I got is how they normally do fades I’d suggest saving the money an only getting solid colors or split base pours.
Honestly the main thing the toy has going for it is the cum tube but the tube is a bit short for someone who’s using the toy in a harness. At least for how I tuck the syringe into my waistband anyway.
would I buy another one? probably, but in super soft due to how this one is, an only because of the cum tube.
three starts sense the cum tube is really fun to use with your partner, but overall I wasn’t to thrilled with the toy.
They did make and ship it out fast so if you like speed there is that!

fun and pretty

After a lot of comparing measurements I ordered the Small, Soft, with Surprise Me colours. I got a lovely pearlescent blue.
Buying was easy and it arrived in good time and well packaged, though for some reason it appeared as the Werewolf II on the invoice. I still got what I ordered, though.
The size is good for me: the knot is a little bit of a challenge but happily manageable. I prefer relatively short toys, and the length of this is enough to get the widest part just where I want it to be without the tip going too far back. It's firm enough to manoeuvre easily but soft enough to fit to my own shape, which is a huge improvement over some other toys I've had.
The design is very pretty. I usually hate texture like this on toys, but the bumps of the tentacle are very smoothed out - they don't add anything, for me, but they don't make it worse either. And they are part of the aesthetic, so overall I'm happy with them. I do find the stony base a bit unpleasant, poking at random places, though thankfully it's soft enough that it doesn't stop me enjoying the rest of the toy. If I buy another toy I might go for the super soft, to see how that changes how the texture elements feel. I've just seen that Uncover have started doing some dual-density toys, which I think would be perfect for something like this.
The quality seems pretty good, there are no bubbles and the surface feels a little rubbery but not sticky like some silicone toys feel. There is a bit where it looks like a drip has fallen on to it after casting, or maybe there's a dent in the mold? It doesn't look intentional but it's not got any hard-to-clean cracks or folds so I'm not worried about it.
Overall I'm really happy with both the design and the quality. It's had a couple of outings and it performed pretty much how I hoped it would - good fun, and nice to look at

Five stars?

If you're reading this because of the title, it's simply because 5 stars isn't enough. This product did not dissapoint. Each time is a new experience and quick results!