The Tentacle: Knot

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Size: X-Small
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Based on our original Tentacle, the Swell has been designed for knot lovers. Its subtle tip, gentle curves, soft detailed suckers and a base are finished off with coral and sea-inspired details remain, but now there’s a gradual knot that will stretch and tease you until it pops inside.




  • Widest Point Circumference (Knot): 4.2" / 10.6cm
  • Base Circumference: 4.7" / 12cm
  • Insertable Length: 4.3" / 11cm
  • Total Length: 5.1" / 13cm


  • Widest Point Circumference (Knot): 7.3" / 18.5cm
  • Base Circumference: 7.5" / 19cm
  • Insertable Length: 7.1" / 18cm
  • Total Length: 7.9" / 20cm


  • Widest Point Circumference (Knot): 8.7" / 22cm
  • Base Circumference: 9.1" / 23cm
  • Insertable Length: 8.7" / 22cm
  • Total Length: 9.8" / 25cm


  • Widest Point Circumference (Knot): 9.3" / 23.5cm
  • Base Circumference: 9.6" / 24.5cm
  • Insertable Length: 10" / 25.5cm
  • Total Length: 11.6" / 29.5cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Pretty good, colors kinda wack

Im reviewing purely based off how it looks when I got it. It got here in a few weeks after ordering which is cool. I accidentally chose the wrong address and tried to change it after ordering but they never saw my email, however it ended up working out so I can't really complain. The soft texture is nice, it's not hard but not floppy. I chose color fade (green tip to sea smoke) but it seems they were out of sea smoke as it's mostly green and the base is green, which isn't awful but not what I expected. There's also some little air bubbles in it but overall it seems good quality. I'd like to order again if i could be more sure of the colors I'm getting.

5 stars!

Got this after being so pleased with my tentacle grinder, and this was another hit. The quality is top notch and it feels awesome. It’s also stunning to look at. Got it in medium size, color fade with white and neon pink, with candy store base, super soft firmness and a cum tube. Only thing I would do different in the future would be to abstain from the cum tube because I don’t think I’ll use it much, and potentially drop the third base color, but there was an offer on free modification and I couldn’t help myself. But this is in no way a reflection on the product and is only related to my personal tastes. The product is superb!

Tess V.

It’s gonna take some getting used to, but i like it! :)

Paige W.

Love the look and texture, honestly doesn’t disappoint! I went for soft (the middle one) and really like it, I think the firm would be a bit much for me personally at this point but to someone more experienced they would probably love it.

Also love the mini, I want them all!

I definitely intend to shop here again!!

K G.

Great product, well made with custom colors. Received wrong order the first time around, I reached out to the team and they were amazing and quick to get back to me with the correct product on the way. Will definitely be ordering more items in the future!


I’m very pleased with my purchase
Ordered mine in trademark colours and soft firmness.

My picture doesn't do it justice, the aquamarine and pink blends together beautifully and I love how it shimmers, it gives off a mermaid vibe which I absolutely adore. 
Kudos to the creators for the unique design, it feels and looks amazing!

S t.

Medium Size, Firmness Soft. Electric Blue!
Where to start!, I was blown away by this. The colour and the feel of the item is incredible. It has such a satisfying squish to it. It has an incredible feel to it and am extremly happy with the item!

Perfect guy

Bought a medium with medium firmness. The colour was perfect and it was in great quality! I probably would get a softer firmness next time, but he still has some squish. It was also a little bigger than expected, but that’s definitely not something to complain about! Despite living in Australia, the postage was super quick!

Yelizaveta P.

Bigger than I thought it would be, but that's on me. Feels really good, and I love a little freebie :)