Firmness Guide


Sex toy firmness is often measured on the shore hardness scale. Our friends over at Smooth-On (one of the leading US silicone manufacturers) put together this helpful graphic to give people a better understanding of firmness. We’ve cropped it to focus on two of the different scales (00 and A), as these are the most popular and relevant scales to use when writing about sex toys.

Shore Hardness Scale



Our firmness options

Medium - 10A on the shore hardness scale. This has a little squish to it, while being more difficult to compress than soft, super soft and squishy soft. If you have shopped with indie sex toy brands before, you may find this firmer than you’re used to. If you want a toy to stand tall and proud, remaining upright, this is the firmness for you.

Soft - 5A on the shore hardness scale. This has a nice squish to it, while being more difficult to compress than the super soft firmness. Toys in this firmness will stand nicely on their own, however in the larger sizes they will have trouble staying upright.

Super Soft - 00-40 on the shore hardness scale. This has a lot of squish to it. In the fantasy dildo world, this is a very popular firmness as toys will compress and bend easily. Super soft toys will struggle to stand upright.

Squishy Soft - 00-20 on the shore hardness scale. If you're looking for the ultimate in squishiness, this is it. This is our softest firmness, and these toys compress and bend effortlessly, delivering a delightfully flexible experience. Just a heads-up: they will need a little extra support to stand upright.

Dual Density - 00-20 on the shore hardness scale, with a core that's a firmer 10A. Soft on the outside, firm on the inside - that's the magic of the best dual-density. Designed to mimic the real deal as closely as possible, and ensure a comfy ride every time.

Why we don’t offer all firmness on products?

For our penis extenders and sheaths we only offer super soft (0040) and squishy soft (0020) as this makes them more comfortable to wear.

For our double suction cup, we only make this in medium. This is because it makes the suction cup more efficient at maintaining suction.

For our sex grinders, we only make these in super soft (0040) and squishy soft (0020) as it makes them more comfortable to use.

If you’d like a product in a different firmness, please contact us, and we can organise it.


Tips to help choose the right firmness for you

  1. Think about the size of your sex toy. Small toys in medium firmness will feel softer than large toys in medium firmness.
  2. Do you want your toy to stand up on its own? If the answer is yes, look at our medium firmness.
  3. For toys that are designed to go deep, go with soft or super soft. They might be trickier to insert, but once in, they will be easier to play with.
  4. Toys that have different thicknesses (eg. our Werewolf dildo with its knot) will feel like it has a different firmness throughout.

It’s hard for us to recommend which firmness you should choose as it’s such a personal decision. What works for one person, won’t work for another. However if you’re still struggling to make a decision, contact us and we’ll do our best to help you.