Ovipositors: Egg-Laying Dildos

Get loaded up with our collection of Ovipositor egg-laying dildos.


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What are ovipositors?

Many people are not aware of ovipositors or the oviposition kink so you won’t find these egg-laying dildos in most sex shops. Put simply, Ovipositors are egg-laying dildos that allow you to deposit love eggs in a place of your choosing. Inserting the eggs is only half the fun... Once the eggs are in place, you get to lay them, resulting in a satisfying stretch and a pleasing pop.

How do ovipositors work?

All ovipositor sex toys are alien dildos with holes at the base and tip that allow you to load love eggs into the hollow shaft. These eggs can be moved through the ovipositor by squeezing the shaft, ultimately leading to the egg being expelled from the dildo.

Why do people have an egg laying kink?

People are attracted to the idea of oviposition or egg-laying due a variety of factors such as the blending of genders, alien impregnation or simply the appeal of trying something new and different.

Silicone vs Gelatin Eggs

We recommend that you don’t use silicone eggs anally due to the risk of them getting stuck. If you want to use ovipositor anally, then you should research how to make gelatine sex eggs. Using these types of eggs reduces the risk as the gelatine eggs will gradually melt with body heat.

Tips for using an ovipositor

  • Use lube as this will make the entire egg-laying experience a lot easier
  • Use more lube
  • Don’t use silicone eggs anally - use gelatine eggs instead