The Handheld Tentacle Grinder II

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Get ready for a splash with the Handheld Tentacle Grinder II... Now with a nifty twist – finger slots so it fits like your favourite glove! Dive in and steer the ship yourself, controlling the grind with the power of your own hands. This baby's rocking a coral masterpiece base, with all the sea vibes you could dream of. Think of it as your personal octopus arm, with grooves and squishy suckers ready to take you on a wild ride on the waves of pleasure.

Don't skimp on the lube, folks! A good slather of your go-to slick stuff will make this a slip-slidey adventure you won't forget. And for the connoisseurs of smooth, check out our Silky Smooth Upgrade. It's like giving your grinder a first-class ticket to luxury town.

Silky Smooth Upgrade: Fancy a touch more finesse? We've got just the thing. Our upgrade gives your grinder a finish so smooth, it'll feel like it's gliding on air. And the secret ingredient? A dash of magic from Durian tree nuts. But, a word to the wise – if you're not into durian, have nut allergies, or you're a bit picky about scents, you might want to stick to the classic. The silky smooth version has a hint of nutty aroma that sets it apart from the usual no-smell silicone.


One Size

  • Length: 4.4" / 11.2cm
  • Width: 3.3" / 8.5cm
  • Depth: 2" / 5cm
  • Firmness: Super Soft - Shore 0040

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Customer Reviews

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Handheld grinder

I got mine in violet or purple and was very happy with the colour.

It's really comfortable to use and easy to control/direct. The finger gap is wide and fits well.

I would've enjoyed a wider tentacle but that's me personally, if more handheld grinders are made I'd be most looking forward to the original tentacle grinder design maybe with a more square shape to maximise the space it uses.