Upgrade Guide

At Uncover Creations, we want to create one-of-a-kind custom sex toys. So not only can you choose your own firmness, size and colour but you can also enhance your toy with our upgrades and accessories.

Base upgrade


All of our toys come with a flat base as standard. However, you can choose to upgrade your toy with a Vac-U-Lock Hole. This is a hole we add to the bottom of the toy so that it can be used with all Vac-U-Lock compatible accessories.

What is the Vac-U-Lock?

The Vac-U-Lock is a genius invention by Doc Johnson that allows you to add attachments to your favourite dildos. Put simply, it’s a hole added to the bottom of your toy that creates a vacuum around an attachment so that the dildo remains stable during use. Some of the most popular Vac-U-Lock attachments are:

  1. The Doc Johnson Large Suction Cup Plug - gives you the ability to turn your dildo into a suction cup dildo
  2. The Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Harnesses - allows you to use your dildo with a strap-on harness
  3. Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Handle - adds a handle to your dildo to give you more control

Furthermore, the Vac-U-Lock hole is also the standard attachment for the most popular sex machines.

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Double Suction Cup

Double Suction Cup

Upgrade and transform any flat base dildo into suction cup sex toys with The Double Suction Cup. Simply stick one side to your favourite flat-based toy then attach it to any smooth, flat surface and you’re ready to enjoy hands-free fun.

You can also use the double suction cup to attach 2 flat-based dildos together to create a double-ended dildo.

This double suction cup is available on all our custom dildos.

Cum Tube

Turn your dildo into an ejaculating dildo with our cum tube upgrade. Cum lube is loaded into a 60ml syringe (which is included) and squirted through a long hollow tube that runs through the centre of your toy. This allows you to simulate explosive ejaculation or just lubricate the toy while in use.

Currently, our ejaculating toys do not come with cum lube. If you are looking for the best cum lube, we recommend spunk lube which is available at all good sex shops or on amazon. Alternatively, Google how to create cum lube for some guides on how to make your own.

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Texture Upgrades

Super Silky

We offer the ability to upgrade your grinder with a silky smooth finish. To achieve this silky smooth finish, we use an additive derived from Durian tree nuts, ultimately resulting in a more luxuriously smooth feel that glides rather than grips like other silicones.

We recommend you avoid the silky smooth upgrade if:

  1. You are allergic to durian, tree nuts and tree nut derivatives or musk thistle seed
  2. You are sensitive to smell - Normal silicone has no scent however using silky smooth will give the silicone a subtle, nutty scent.

The super silky upgrade is only available on our sex toy grinders and both of our made to measure penis extenders.