Colour Guide

One of the best things about ordering a custom sex toy is that you can create the toy of your dreams. We currently offer 40+ colours to choose from and if there's a colour you'd love to have but it's not listed, just get in touch with us!

Our colour options

Surprise Me Basic - Leave the decision in our capable hands and we'll choose a solid colour that compliments your toy selection. 

Surprise Me Premium - Leave the decision to us and we'll get creative with 2 to 3 colours. We love this choice as it allows us to get experimental with all of our colours, often resulting in our best pours. 

Solid - One colour that will run evenly throughout your toy

Fade - Two colours combined that are gradually blended together. Colour 1 will be the tip of your toy and Colour 2 will be the shaft and base. 

Marble - Two colours combined resulting in a veining effect similar to classic marble. 

UC Trademark - This is a product-specific colour. The main image of the product is the UC Trademark colour. For example, The Werewolf's UC Trademark colour is the Candy Store pink to Purple Marble/Fade that you will see on the main product image. 

Don't see the colours you want?

If there's a colour you'd love to have but it's not currently listed on our website, please contact us here. We have a wide variety of colours not listed on our website that we use for our surprise me colour options so there's a good chance we'll be able to make a toy in the colour you want!

Neon and glow in the dark colours

Neon Colours - All of our colours named Neon (eg. Neon Pink), will glow brightly under UV light. When combined with a non-neon colour in a fade or marble, the effect is stunning.

Glow In The Dark - All colours named Glow (eg. Glow Green), will glow in the dark and under UV light. You'll never lose your toy again with the lights out!

Want to see examples of our colours on toys?

Browse beautiful examples of toys here: