Penis Sleeves, Extenders & Sheaths

Spruce up your shaft and enhance your erections with our collection of fantasy penis sleeves and cock extenders. Made from platinum silicone our penis sheaths will help you instantly boost your length and girth and ultimately enhance your sex life.


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What are penis sleeves?

Simply put, a penis sleeve is a sleeve designed to slide over the penis to give 4 main benefits:

  • Increase penis size - length and/or girth
  • Last longer during sex.
  • Help with ED (erectile dysfunction).
  • Extra stimulation for a partner.

Sleeves, sheaths and extenders: What’s the difference?

Sleeves are often jumbled together under the following terms; cock sleeves, cock extenders, and cock sheaths. If you want to get technical, there is a difference between them all:

  • Penis Sleeves cover the penis shaft leaving the head exposed.
  • Penis Sheaths cover the entire penis.
  • Penis Extenders cover the entire penis, increasing penis length and/or girth.

How do penis sleeves work?

With a little bit of lube, penis sleeves slide over the penis shaft. If they have a ball strap (adds extra stability and helps to keep the sleeve on), the testicles are slipped through the hole and you’re ready to go.

Similar to a cock ring, sleeves can help men with erectile dysfunction by trapping blood in the penis which helps to maintain an erection. On top of that, with the average romp lasting 5.4 minutes [1], penis sleeves can help to reduce sensation, resulting in more bang for your buck.

Finally with a sleeve, an immediate boost in girth and length is achievable. Couple this with sleeves that have different textures, ribs and nubs, new sensations can be experienced with the same penis.

How to put on a penis sleeve?

  1. Trim your pubic hair. Trust me - nothing kills the mood more than catching your pubic hair in the sleeve and feeling every tug and pull when you are thrusting away.
  2. Add some lube to your penis and the inside of the sleeve.
  3. Work up an erection (a semi will do) and slide your penis into the sleeve, working it all the way down so that the base of the sleeve is sat against your pubic region
  4. If the sleeve has a ball strap, gently slip your testicles through it (This will help to hold the sleeve in place).
  5. Adjust the sleeve so that it feels comfortable and finally add some lube.


[1] "A multinational population survey of intravaginal ejaculation latency time"