Knot Dildos

Explore your fantasies with our range of knot dildos and enjoy a unique and intense sexual experience.


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What is a knot dildo?

Knot dildos (also known as knotted dildos) are sex toys designed for those who are interested in fantasy-based play. Knot toys feature a bulbous knot that provides a unique and intense sensation when compared with standard penis-shaped dildos.

Knot dildos are often adorned with textured surfaces, such as bumps or veins, which work to enhance the fantasy aspect along with providing additional stimulation.

Why do people like knot dildos?

People enjoy these sex toys for a lot of different reasons, however, the most common ones are:

  • The feeling of fullness the knot can provide
  • The sense of accomplishment when you conquer the knot and finally fit it in
  • The sensation of the pop feeling when it moves in and out
  • The taboo of fantasy-based play
  • Great toy to warm up with
  • They stay put and won't slide out when things get wild

Knot Dildo Upgrades

With our dildos you can customise the following:

  • Size : Choose from a range of sizes including extra small, small, medium, and large. Dimensions range from a petite 5" to a commanding 12".
  • Firmness – We offer 3 different types of firmness ranging from medium firmness to super soft.
  • Colours – We currently offer 25 base colours to choose from and these can be combined together to make unique and beautiful dildos.
  • Upgrades – You can add a vac u lock hole to your knot dildo and turn it into a vac u lock dildo, add a double suction cup or turn it into a ejaculating dildo.