The Made To Measure Werewolf Extender

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Made To Measure Sizing

Every penis is different, which is why one-size fits all extenders will rarely fit perfectly. With our extender, we offer made to measure sizing so that you can always get a perfect fit.

In order to get a perfect fit, measure both the length and girth of your penis when it is fully erect.

When choosing the internal fit of this extender, we recommend keeping the following in mind:

Internal Length

Ready for a quick guide on getting the right measurement for your made to measure penis extender? It's super important to keep it accurate for the best fit and comfort:

  1. First things first, you'll need to get a full erection. This ensures we're working with your maximum length to find the perfect extender size.
  2. Now, grab a ruler or a measuring tape. You're going to measure from the base of your penis, right at the pubic bone, all the way to the very tip. This is your true length, no fibbing!
  3. And remember, honesty is key here. Adding imaginary inches won't do you any favors; it's all about getting that perfect fit for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

4" Internal length

10.16cm Internal length


4.5" Internal length

11.43cm Internal length


5" Internal length

12.7cm Internal length


5.5" Internal length

13.97cm Internal length


6" Internal length

15.24cm Internal length


6.5" Internal length

16.51cm Internal length


7" Internal length

17.78cm Internal length

Internal Diameter

It's time to talk diameter and girth - crucial for nailing down that perfect fit for your extender:

  1. For Diameter: You're looking for the thickness here. When you're at full mast, take a ruler and measure straight across the widest part of your buddy. That's your diameter. Straightforward, right?
  2. For Girth: Whip out a measuring tape and gently wrap it around the thickest part of your shaft. Not too tight, not too loose. This number is your girth.

    Remember, precision is your friend. No rounding up! Getting these numbers spot on will make sure your made to measure extender is comfortable, effective, and feels like it's made just for you.

Under 1.4” in diameter (under 4.4” in girth)

Under 3.55cm in diameter (under 11.15cm in girth)


Between 1.4” and 1.6” (4.4” to 5” in girth)

Between 3.55cm and 4.06cm (11.15cm to 12.75cm in girth)


Over 1.6” (over 5” in girth)

Over 4.06cm (over 12.75cm in girth)


Our Made to Measure Werewolf Extender will have your partner howling at the moon.

Enhance your erection with this thick knot, girthy head and veiny shaft and get an impressive boost in both length and girth.

How Big Will This Make You?
Simply subtract your penis length from the total length. Eg. If you are 6" long, then 9" minus 6" equals 3" gain of length.

External Length
We can customise the external length of this extender. If you wish to reduce the overall length, please select the upgrade: Customise External Length.

Silky Smooth Upgrade
We offer the ability to upgrade your grinder with a silky smooth finish. To achieve this silky smooth finish, we use an additive derived from Durian tree nuts, ultimately resulting in a more luxuriously smooth feel that glides rather than grips like other silicones.

We recommend you avoid the silky smooth upgrade if:
1. You are allergic to durian, tree nuts and tree nut derivatives or musk thistle seed
2. You are sensitive to smell - Normal silicone has no scent however using silky smooth will give the silicone a subtle, nutty scent.


One Size

  • Head Circumference: 6" / 16.51cm
  • Head Diameter: 2.06" / 5.23cm
  • Knot Circumference: 8.5" / 21.59cm
  • Knot Diameter: 2.7" / 6.85cm
  • Shaft Circumference: 6.5" / 16.51cm
  • Shaft Diameter: 2.06" / 5.23cm
  • Total Length: 9" / 22.86cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

You definitely have to work her up to this one if she's not used to a big one. I'm about 7.5” x 1.8" without this. I ordered 7" internal length option (longest available). Once I got this monster on, her eyes popped out her head. She was so intimidated. At this point, I was measuring 8.5" x 3.5" and the knot was at least 4.5"! Let's just say, she couldn't do the knot, jus too thick (not yet anyways lol). Can't wait to see what happens when she can. She's already orgasming the whole time already without taking the knot. Awesome addition to our collection. Will definitely order again!

Ananno A.

The Made To Measure Werewolf Extender

Robert W.
Need more of a point on the end

A more of a point on the end would help with ease of entry. Then the mass would would be there as penetration

Nicholas C.S.
Couples Fun

The wife and I love the made to measure Werewolf Extender. Brings new fun to the bedroom and both of us enjoy the "fun" it has bung

Kevin K.

Awesome addition to the toy fleet, I would order the 1.5" hole next time as it's a bear to get on. GF adores this beast!