Ejaculating Dildos

Mimic the sensation of ejaculation with our collection of ejaculating dildosFill your dildo with SPUNK lube, and when you're ready, activate the syringe to release the liquid, simulating the sensation of ejaculation.


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The WerewolfThe Werewolf
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The KnotThe Knot
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The Tentacle: KnotThe Tentacle: Knot
Sale priceFrom £55.99
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The ArboraThe Arbora
Sale priceFrom £49.99
The Depth TrainerThe Depth Trainer
Sale priceFrom £55.99
The Sea HorseThe Sea Horse
Sale priceFrom £48.99

What are ejaculating dildos?

Ejaculating dildos, also known as cumming dildos or squirting dildos, are sex toys that have been designed to mimic the feeling of an ejaculating penis.

How do ejaculating dildos work?

Our dildos feature a silicone tube that runs along the entire length of the toy. This tube is connected to a syringe that is filled with a liquid, such as water or lubricant. When you're ready, the liquid can be expelled through the toy's tip when pressure is applied to the syringe.

Why buy an ejaculating dildo?

Looking to expand your horizons and go further with your sexual exploration? Then you should consider an ejaculating sex toy. Add a little more realism into your play and with a variety of styles available including tentacle dildos and knot dildos, there's sure to be one that meets your desires.

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