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What is a tentacle fetish?

A tentacle fetish is a sexual fetish where a person is aroused by the portrayal of tentacle-like objects. Tentacle fetishes are often associated with anime and manga, where tentacles are typically portrayed as animate and alive, sometimes with their own desires and intentions. Furthermore, the interest in tentacles is often attributed to a fascination with them as a symbol of power and as a non-human phallic object that can penetrate without consent.

Why do people like tentacle dildos?

Moving past the tentacle fetish aspect of these dildos, tentacle sex toys feel amazing. Being penetrated by a toy covered in textured suckers, with ridges, bumps and nubs can stimulate you in different ways than say a smooth toy, mouth, hand or penis can. Tentacle dildos don’t just have to be used for penetrative play. They can be used for external stimulation which is how we originally discovered the concept for our tentacle grinders.