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Explore other-worldly pleasures with our range of alien dildos.


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The Tentacle OvipositorThe Tentacle Ovipositor
The ArboraThe Arbora
Sale priceFrom £40
The Alien OvipositorThe Alien Ovipositor
The GeeyemThe Geeyem
Sale priceFrom £40
The VoidThe Void
Sale priceFrom £50
The Geeyem Bullet SleeveThe Geeyem Bullet Sleeve
The Behir OvipositorThe Behir Ovipositor
The Xenomorph OvipositorThe Xenomorph Ovipositor
The Arbora Bullet SleeveThe Arbora Bullet Sleeve
Sale price£25

What are alien dildos

Alien dildos are a unique category of sex toys inspired by the extra-terrestrial. These creations step away from traditional, human-like designs, diving into the realm of the unknown with their exotic shapes, vibrant colours, and intriguing textures.

Why do people like alien dildos?

For those bored by traditional sex toy designs, the unique shapes and textures of these toys bring a refreshing and more gratifying experience. Toss in the thrill of the taboo alien encounter and you've got yourself a recipe for some out-of-this-world pleasure.

Alien dildo customisations:

  • Size: Pick your pleasure from extra small to large, with lengths from a discreet 5" up to an impressive 10".
  • Firmness: Select from three levels of firmness, from the gentle give of our 0040 super soft to the satisfying resistance of 10A medium.
  • Colour: Dive into a universe of 25 base colors, mixable for a dildo that's as unique as your fantasies.
  • Upgrades: Elevate your experience with a vac-u-lock hole for versatile play, double the stability with a double suction cup, or go for the big bang with an ejaculating feature.