The Werewolf Bullet Sleeve

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Ready to take your bullets to the next level?

This unique dildo offers the best of both worlds, featuring a realistic tip, veiny shaft, and a sizeable knot that will tantalize, stretch, and leave you howling with pleasure.

And now, we're thrilled to offer the Werewolf as a bullet sleeve too! Crafted from stretchy silicone, this dildo is a perfect fit for most bullet vibrators. You have the freedom to choose whether to enjoy the sleeve on its own or take it to the next level by combining it with our Bullet Vibrator or the top-of-the-line Nu Sensuelle bullet vibrator. The possibilities for ecstasy are now boundless!


One Size

  • Tip Circumference: 2.8" / 7cm
  • Shaft Circumference: 4.6" / 11.8cm
  • Knot Circumference: 6.3" / 16cm
  • Base Circumference: 7.9" / 20cm
  • Tip to Knot Length: 2.4" / 6cm
  • Insertable Length: 4.7" / 12cm
  • Total Length: 5.7" / 14.5cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
not thrilled with it

the medium firmness is much more like a firm firmness from other shops so keep that in mind. The cool pink color looks more dark and bright than you’d expect an if the fade I got is how they normally do fades I’d suggest saving the money an only getting solid colors or split base pours.
Honestly the main thing the toy has going for it is the cum tube but the tube is a bit short for someone who’s using the toy in a harness. At least for how I tuck the syringe into my waistband anyway.
would I buy another one? probably, but in super soft due to how this one is, an only because of the cum tube.
three starts sense the cum tube is really fun to use with your partner, but overall I wasn’t to thrilled with the toy.
They did make and ship it out fast so if you like speed there is that!

K N.
Even better than I was expecting

Good quality, the colors they picked go so well together, and the texture + knot combine into a very pleasurable experience. 10/10 will be ordering from here again (once I can afford it)!

Shannon M.

Overall a really satisfying toy.

It's my first proper silicone toy after being used to PVC and other similar materials; I was surprised at how much "give" the silicone has to it. It also has more of a texture than I'm used to, which meant that even though I'm used to not needing lube on smoother toy materials, it was more necessary here.

The knot is more challenging than expected, and it's uneven - more of a challenge on the bulging bottom side than the top - but this is by design and has been fun to tackle. The head's prominent flare still feels really nice against the g-spot while working up to the knot.

It's worth noting that the measurements on the site were completely accurate to what I received, so please consider that other reviews' complaints that the toy is too large may be from those who didn't review the specs before buying. Take the specs, compare them to the toys you already own, buy something that fits your body, get some good lube, and you'll definitely have a wonderful time with The Werewolf.

Jacob M.

Ordered in large, surprise me premium with medium firmness and a cum tube.

Large is very big, I wouldn't recommend for beginners as its a stretch to just get the shaft in.. Let's not even mention the knot, absolutely massive :O

Saying that, she loved what she managed to take and I personally cannot wait to watch that knot pop

4 stars until that knot makes it inside ;)
Absolutely stellar customer service too, fast delivery and beautiful colour choices and pour.
5 star customer service


Ordered a large soft toy. Overall good product but for myself having a shallow vagina. I found the toy too long. And I'm unable to enjoy the knot. But besides that extremely happy with the quality of the product, beautiful colours, texture and excellent customer services. But would love to see other toys with the same girth but shorter length.