The Bag of Dicks (Micro Squishies)

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Size: 5x Micro Squishies (Random)
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  • Dislike Sue from the office? Boom, a Micro Dick on her keyboard*
  • Feeling the need to channel your inner mischief deity? Give one of these micro squishies a squish and reign supreme.
  • Bored of your same-old, same-old home décor? Jazz things up by dotting Micro Dicks around.
  • Got an Uncle with outlandish political views? Stop his rant by tossing a micro dick his way.

The possibilities? Well, they're practically limitless**.

Dive into this bag and you'll find a vibrant array of micro squishies, each more colorful than the last.

These micro squishies are the fun-size version of our larger toys – even more itsy-bitsy than our Mini Squishies!

As for the colours and styles, it's all a roll of the dice! We'll mix 'em up to ensure each one is a unique little surprise, aiming to keep duplicates at bay.


*Don't do this, HR will be grumpy and we can't bail you out of that one.
**Okay, they're not really – but it's fun to dream!


One Size

  • Total Length: 0.39" - 0.78" / 1cm - 2cm

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Customer Reviews

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The Bag of Dicks (Micro Squishies)

Cute little squishy guys

So much fun! I like to sneak them on to my partner's desk and see how long it takes him to notice. They are cute, unique, interesting variety of colors and shapes, and very impressive details for how small they are!

A+ Product and Service

I love that my product came with a card saying who made it! And it definitely met all my expectations. The packaging was really nice, too.

Russell M.

I love my cute lil bag of dicks!

They are so cute!

They are so tiny and cute. They fit in your pocket to take discreetly anywhere. Super soft too. Make great fidgets.