The Tentacle: Knot II

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Introducing the Tentacle: Knot II, the next wave in our oceanic fantasy line! Like its predecessor, the Tentacle: Knot II retains the allure of the original Tentacle - curves in all the right places, a teasing tip, and those oh-so-soft suckers. But we've slimmed down the design and we’ve upped the ante with a knot that's not just any knot. This beauty sits higher up the shaft, making the journey to that delightful 'pop' even more tantalising. Dive in and let the The Tentacle: Knot II take you on a deeper, wilder ride!

For this design, we've teamed up with Sion, an artist whose creativity knows no bounds. This is our first collaboration with them, and honestly, we're over the moon about it!



  • Tip Circumference: 2.2" / 5.5cm
  • Knot Circumference: 5.4" / 13.6cm
  • Shaft Circumference: 4.6" / 11.8cm
  • Insertable Length: 4.6" / 11.6cm
  • Total Length: 5.3" / 13.5cm
  • Base Circumference: 7.3" / 18.5cm


  • Tip Circumference: 2.4" / 6cm
  • Knot or Middle Circumference: 6.3" / 16cm
  • Shaft Circumference: 4.8" / 12.2cm
  • Insertable Length: 5.7" / 14.5cm
  • Total Length: 7.1" / 18cm
  • Base Circumference: 9.3" / 23.5cm


  • Tip Circumference: 2.4" / 6.2cm
  • Knot or Middle Circumference: 7.7" / 19.5cm
  • Shaft Circumference: 5.4" / 13.8cm
  • Insertable Length: 6.7" / 17cm
  • Total Length: 8.1" / 20.5cm
  • Base Circumference: 10.6" / 27cm


  • Tip Circumference: 2.8" / 7.2cm
  • Knot or Middle Circumference: 8.3" / 21cm
  • Shaft Circumference: 6.3" / 16cm
  • Insertable Length: 7.7" / 19.5cm
  • Total Length: 9.1" / 23cm
  • Base Circumference: 11.8" / 30cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
fun and pretty

After a lot of comparing measurements I ordered the Small, Soft, with Surprise Me colours. I got a lovely pearlescent blue.
Buying was easy and it arrived in good time and well packaged, though for some reason it appeared as the Werewolf II on the invoice. I still got what I ordered, though.
The size is good for me: the knot is a little bit of a challenge but happily manageable. I prefer relatively short toys, and the length of this is enough to get the widest part just where I want it to be without the tip going too far back. It's firm enough to manoeuvre easily but soft enough to fit to my own shape, which is a huge improvement over some other toys I've had.
The design is very pretty. I usually hate texture like this on toys, but the bumps of the tentacle are very smoothed out - they don't add anything, for me, but they don't make it worse either. And they are part of the aesthetic, so overall I'm happy with them. I do find the stony base a bit unpleasant, poking at random places, though thankfully it's soft enough that it doesn't stop me enjoying the rest of the toy. If I buy another toy I might go for the super soft, to see how that changes how the texture elements feel. I've just seen that Uncover have started doing some dual-density toys, which I think would be perfect for something like this.
The quality seems pretty good, there are no bubbles and the surface feels a little rubbery but not sticky like some silicone toys feel. There is a bit where it looks like a drip has fallen on to it after casting, or maybe there's a dent in the mold? It doesn't look intentional but it's not got any hard-to-clean cracks or folds so I'm not worried about it.
Overall I'm really happy with both the design and the quality. It's had a couple of outings and it performed pretty much how I hoped it would - good fun, and nice to look at

Larry S.
fits like a glove

The knot works well, I wanted a dildo that would go in and stay in as you carrid on with the day it does the job…