Made To Measure Penis Extenders

Every penis is unique, making the idea of a one-size-fits-all extender pretty much a hit-or-miss affair. That's where our made to measure penis extenders come into play. We tailor them to your specific dimensions, ensuring you get a fit that's just right, every single time.


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Concerned about your extender slipping off?

Fear not! Our extenders are designed to stay in place, thanks to two amazing features. Firstly, when you put it on, it traps air to create a vacuum-like suction, ensuring it remains snug and secure. Secondly, since we're not fans of the one-size-fits-all approach, each extender is custom-made to your precise measurements, guaranteeing a perfect fit that won't let you down.

Why opt for a custom-fit penis extender?

It's simple - personalisation is key. With every penis being different, a universal fit extender just doesn't work for everyone. Our bespoke extenders are tailored to your specific size, promising an ideal fit every time. Think of it like a tailored suit vs. an off-the-shelf suit.

Why do people like penis extenders?

We asked, and here's what users had to say:

  • Seeking New Thrills: Many of our customers love the new experiences and variety extenders introduce to their intimate moments, enhancing the excitement and exploration in their sexual journey.
  • Enhanced Partner Satisfaction: A significant number of customers highlighted the added pleasure extenders provide their partners
  • Fantasy and Role-Play: Extenders are perfect for those looking to dive into their fantasies
  • Boost in Size and Confidence: Users love the extra length and girth extenders provide, not just for physical pleasure but also for the confidence boost it brings.
  • Extended Play: Many enjoy how extenders help prolong the pleasure by delaying ejaculation, allowing for longer sessions and more enjoyment for both partners.