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La forme incurvée de l'Arbora recherchera habilement votre point G ou votre point P et atteindra la profondeur de vos désirs. Ses crêtes naturelles et douces menant à un nœud subtil procureront une incroyable satisfaction interne, tandis que sa base large et plate assurera votre sécurité tout en ajoutant une stabilité supplémentaire afin que vous puissiez profiter d'une action mains libres sans qu'elle ne bascule.

Ce design a été créé par Vénus. Un artiste talentueux, largement connu pour son travail incroyable avec PleasureForge, HappyHoleToys et GroveFantasy.



  • Longueur totale : 5,1" / 13 cm
  • Longueur insérable : 4,3" / 11 cm
  • Circonférence de l'arbre : 5,1" / 13 cm
  • Circonférence de la pointe : 2,8" / 7 cm
  • Circonférence de la base : 9,8" / 25 cm


  • Longueur totale : 6,4" / 16,2 cm
  • Longueur insérable : 4,9" / 12,5 cm
  • Circonférence de l'arbre : 6,3" / 16 cm
  • Circonférence de la pointe : 5,1" / 13 cm
  • Circonférence de la base : 11,4" / 29 cm


  • Longueur totale : 8,3" / 21 cm
  • Longueur insérable : 6,5" / 16,5 cm
  • Circonférence de l'arbre : 7,5" / 19 cm
  • Circonférence de la pointe : 6" / 15,2 cm
  • Circonférence de la base : 13,4" / 34 cm


  • Longueur totale : 10,2" / 26 cm
  • Longueur insérable : 8,1" / 20,5 cm
  • Circonférence de l'arbre : 7,9" / 20 cm
  • Circonférence de la pointe : 6,9" / 17,5 cm
  • Circonférence de la base : 15" / 38 cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews

I got the medium Arbora with medium firmness in neon pink and neon blue, and it’s so stunning! I love the pink as it’s super vibrant against the blue.

When it comes to using it—holy fuck—I absolutely love the sensations it gives! If you’re looking for something that stimulates your g-spot while not jabbing your cervix, this is it. It kind of “pops” in and out and the scooped, tapered tip slides under the cervix (for me, anyway), and it’s heavenly!

a very nice experience

Beautiful colors and textures, great performance too. Size small is nothing to sneeze at as it's still pleasantly girthy. If I were to buy again I would likely go for soft firmness as medium is firmer than expected.

Niamh K.

Beautiful toy, amazing quality, so soft and heavy. Can't recommend enough!

Jessica R.

I picked the surprise me premium for colours and was not disappointed! All I did was specify that I did not want 'flesh' colours, and they did a wonderful job on the pour and colour choice.
The model is wonderful - I don't have a great history with ridged toys, but with the soft firmness it has changed my mind completely and is a new favourite. I'm also glad I listened to my head and not my heart while picking the size, as the small is not very small (though that is obviously subjective; just a warning for anyone new to indie brands to check the measurements). Happy with my purchase and hopefully will buy more from Uncover in the future.

Beaux T.

Got a premium surprise me color and was not disappointed!! Gorgeous craftsmanship and it arrived pretty fast for a custom piece! Could not recommend more.

Christopher O.

I want to start off by saying I will absolutely be ordering from Uncover creations again! The communication was amazing and Jade was very kind, patient, and understanding! Royal mail had a huge crash right after my order was shipped and it took much longer to arrive. I thought it wasn't going to arrive at all based on tracking information! Jade spoke to me and was one of the kindest people I've ever had the pleasure of talking to! She offered to send replacements and had already started on that process! Thankfully my order arrived right before anything else was shipped!
These pieces are absolutely gorgeous! I ordered the surprise me color for both the grinder and the Arbora and I am not disappointed at all! The small Void was a complete surprise and just as beautiful! Everything was absolutely worth the wait but I will definitely be using the better mailing option next time! I could go on all day but I'll end by saying I would recommend this company to ANYONE looking to get a fantasy toy!

Ragn J.

I didn't expect the firmness to be so firm, but it is still a very good toy! The colors are gorgeous and the model is high quality. (please ignore all the hair, I have a cat)

Emilie B.

I got the Large Arbora with a surprise colour and I couldn't be happier! Such a beautiful pour and honestly even though this was a bit of a challenge to use, it feels bloody incredible. I Recommend it for anyone else that enjoys strong g-spot and cervical stimulation ♡

Mary C.

I won't lie, I completely forgot what colors I selected when I ordered it. The glow in the dark was a moment of hilarity when I realized why it was such a pale color in the light vs. the dark. Aside from that, I really do enjoy the shape; it suits me well.