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Platinum Silicone

Indulge in the best. Our platinum silicone is odorless, body-friendly, and lets you pick your ideal firmness.


Les détails réalistes rencontrent des proportions parfaites avec ce ravissant gode. Beau et impressionnant, The Realistic a été conçu avec une courbe naturelle qui atteindra tous les bons endroits, tandis que la tige texturée avec des veines surélevées et une tête robuste procurera une incroyable satisfaction interne.

Le Realistic est livré avec une base large et plate pour assurer votre sécurité tout en ajoutant une stabilité supplémentaire afin que vous puissiez profiter d'une action mains libres sans qu'il ne bascule.

Avec 3 tailles différentes, allant de non intimidante à « comment ça va s'adapter ? », ces bites de haute qualité vous garantiront de passer un bon moment et resteront durs toute la nuit.



  • Circonférence de la pointe : 5" / 12,7 cm
  • Circonférence de l'arbre : 5,7" / 14,5 cm
  • Circonférence de la base : 12,2" / 31 cm
  • Longueur insérable : 5,3" / 13,5 cm
  • Longueur totale : 6" / 15,3 cm


  • Circonférence de la pointe : 5" / 12,7 cm
  • Circonférence de l'arbre : 6" / 15,3 cm
  • Circonférence de la base : 12,2" / 31 cm
  • Longueur insérable : 7,3" / 18,5 cm
  • Longueur totale : 9" / 22,8 cm


  • Circonférence de la pointe : 6,7" / 17 cm
  • Circonférence de l'arbre : 7" / 17,8 cm
  • Circonférence de la base : 13,6" / 34,5 cm
  • Longueur insérable : 9,4" / 24 cm
  • Longueur totale : 10,6" / 27 cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Perfect All Around

I've been through all three sizes UC offers and the large is a perfect size for somebody that wants to dip their toes into size royalty! Just enough to pack an extra "oomph", not too big to the point where you can't use it as your go-to toy. I chose the surprise premium colors and got an absolutely gorgeous strawberry-lemonade pink/yellow combination themed toy as well, I literally cannot compliment how pretty it is enough (the only photo I could find is of it on its' side, but it still does it justice). By far my favorite, go-to toy!

A Dream Come True

I have looked for two years for a toy with this particular pour and model, and I am beyond ecstatic that I finally have one! The color is beautiful, and communicating just how I wanted it to look was easy and responses were fast. First toy from here, but probably not the last.

Great staple piece for any toy collection!

A friend gifted me this toy in small (the color pictured is Dragon's Gold). It's absolutely beautiful, the pour is flawless, and it has a very pleasant firmness with just a little squish. It's easy to clean and the base is very sturdy. It does have girth (note the dimensions listed). If you're a beginner, take it slow (or you can always start with one of Uncover Creations' minis!) and don't worry, you can't be permanently stretched or "loosened" from a toy. The shipping was very fast for a custom piece (and I'm international). I've bought several toys from this company so far and the customer service is fantastic! I'm always excited to unpack the box when it arrives. The Realistic is a great basic piece for any toy collection, five stars.


I ordered this in Large and it turns out this toy stretches, among other things, the meaning of the word "realistic." This is a fanfiction dick. I'm pretty sure the mere act of clicking "add to cart" set off some kind of klaxon over at UC headquarters. The little card they packed with it tells me my order was crafted with care by Ed, who must have been muttering "no fucking way" the whole time they were working on it. If someone ever breaks into my flat, I now have something with which to beat the intruder to death.

Five stars. Use lube.

Akshata G.

I guess this is a bad problem to have? But the medium is still very girth-y and I'm literally afraid I won't be able to enjoy a real penis if I continue to use this and so unless real penises do come in this size, I'm not going to be using the medium realistic for its intended purpose which sucks for the amount of money I spent on it.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the medium realistic product. Your concern about the sizing is definitely something we want to pay attention to. We strive for our products to be enjoyable and to complement real-life experiences!

Your feedback gives us a real opportunity for to evaluate our sizing options and how we communicate those dimensions.

Thanks for being honest and giving us the chance to improve. Your experience will help us refine our products going forward.