Le manchon de balle à nœud

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Prêt à faire passer vos balles au niveau supérieur ?

Ce mauvais garçon est fabriqué à partir de silicone extensible, il est donc super flexible et s'adapte à la plupart des vibrateurs bullet comme un rêve. Et voici le meilleur : vous pouvez soit l'attraper tout seul, soit tout mettre en œuvre et l'attraper avec notre Bullet Vibrateur ou notre vibromasseur bullet haut de gamme Nu Sensuelle.

Préparez-vous à une stimulation sérieuse ! Le manchon commence par une pointe effilée et des courbes douces qui vous guident vers une tige subtilement striée. Mais la véritable star du spectacle est The Knot. Oh mon Dieu, cette chose va vous étirer et vous taquiner comme jamais auparavant, jusqu'à un point culminant intense et une sensation « pop » satisfaisante.

Pour couronner le tout, ce chef-d'œuvre repose sur une base détaillée aux veines subtiles, ajoutant une touche supplémentaire de fantaisie et d'excitation. C'est le complément parfait pour tous les fans de nœuds !

Alors qu'est-ce que tu attends? Prenez notre manchon de balle Knot et préparez-vous pour une aventure époustouflante ! Que la fantaisie commence !


Taille unique

  • Circonférence de la pointe : 3" / 7,5 cm
  • Circonférence de l'arbre : 3,5" / 8,8 cm
  • Circonférence du nœud : 4,9" / 12,5 cm
  • Circonférence de la base : 5,1" / 13 cm
  • Longueur de la pointe au nœud : 2,4" / 6 cm
  • Longueur insérable : 4,5" / 11,4 cm
  • Longueur totale : 5,1" / 13 cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
The Knot

The colour is beautiful, texture phenomenal and it feels wonderful. It has become my immediate favourite toy. So glad I bought the small though as I’m yet to get the knot in me.

It's perfect!!

I've been hunting around artisan creators for a knotted dildo and finally pulled the trigger with Uncover Creations! I was a little worried about the colors after seeing some review photos but mine came out beautifully!

The firmness is great, although I feel I'll have to come back in the near future for a size up. This size is a great starter size!

Shipping was incredibly fast. I paid for express shipping to Canada and the toy was shipped and arrived within a week of ordering!! My friend and I ordered together and that's insane turn around for 2 custom pour toys!

I would definitely recommend this and can't wait to purchase more from UC!

Size: Small
Firmness: Super Soft
Colour Style: Fade
Colour: Candy Store + Denim
Base: Vac u Lock (it fits great)

So much personality it feels wrong to just call it a toy!

I got The Knot in the small configuration and soft silicone, with a cumtube. The premium "Surprise Me" silicone looks absolutely gorgeous. At first, I was worried that the soft silicone would be too unwieldy to use. It's actually great for novices, with the firmness being slightly softer than Vixen Creation's Bandit. This greatly helps with taking the knot after some warmup, which feels satisfying, to say the least.

In retrospect, I would have reconsidered getting the cumtube. For one, I wish it came with a "tube stopper" to help keep things tidy in storage. Even though the cumtube itself is expertly designed, it requires more care which adds friction to regular play. Let's be honest though -- regular play is happening regardless with this lil beauty ;)

Lorelei R.

My first time ordering Uncover Creations and I will whole heartedly recommend them to my kinky friends. Not only was the knot beautiful, it has nice textures, a good firmness and lots of pleasure to be had!

Jack F.

First thing I want to say is that I'm really disappointed by the colour! I ordered the UC Trademark colours, which cost a little bit extra. I understand that there is always inconsistencies to silicone pours, but the photos online had a very brightly coloured red/pink toy, with some black at the base/fur texture. My toy is almost all black. This was really disappointing, because I chose the UC trademark for the red look.

Other than that, the toy functions great. I got the softest silicone. My partner says the silicone feels super smooth, and the softness means it can compress inside the body, and we can fit a lot in there :) It's been very fun to play with!

The base is pretty small, so it is hard to use with a strap-on. This was pretty expected though :)

Overall the toy works great, feels high quality, and is DEFINITELY a challenge to use (in a fun way). Unfortunately the colours are very important to me and I feel like I didn't get what I paid for, so I'm knocking off a star for that.

Zoe S.

Even the small ones are rather hefty boys ! Honestly delighted with my purchase - shipping was also fast and discreet.
I can't quite manage to pop the knot inside yet, but just you wait...

I'm nowhere near getting tired of it, but just in case, I'm keeping UncoverCreations close for future purchases !

Ben P.

What a great product, she absolutely loves it. Will definitely be ordering again!

Marc-Julina K.


Size: Small
Firmness: Super Soft
Colour Style: Solid
Colour: Prima
Base: Flat Base
Accessories: Cum tube

First of the size was just right. I wanted to get a 'medium' but chose 'small' in the end. Turns out it was a good choice. The Firmness was important to me since this is my first toy like this. About the color I can't say much, looks just how I wanted it. The cum tube I thought was a good addition, but I only used it twice (this is on me, not the seller). All in all I can only say that I love it, 10/10.

Astrid S.

Probably my favourite out of the things I've purchased, love the colour chosen and it's durable.
The texture is a lot firmer than expected and needed a lot of lube but that's to be expected with the overall girth, stretches nicely albeit still a little big for me, would definitely recommend.
However, the base didn't fit the double sided suction cup I brought, it's a little too small so it pops off, wouldn't recommend getting them together unless the larger sizes come with larger bases. Aside from that, 10/10!