Das Tentakel

Größe: Klein
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Eine allmähliche Spitze mit einer sanften Kurve führt Sie entlang zweier Säulen weicher Saugnäpfe, die so konzipiert sind, dass sie Ihre inneren Tiefen erreichen. Mit einer gerippten Rückseite für zusätzliche Empfindungen und einer wunderschönen, von Korallen inspirierten Basis werden Sie dieses Modell nicht mehr wegwerfen.



  • Spitzenumfang: 2,7 Zoll / 6,8 cm
  • Breitester Punktumfang: 8,3" / 21, cm
  • Basisumfang: 9,5" / 24,2 cm
  • Einführbare Länge: 7,3" / 18,6 cm
  • Gesamtlänge: 22 cm


  • Spitzenumfang: 3" / 7,6 cm
  • Umfang der breitesten Stelle: 9,8" / 25 cm
  • Basisumfang: 11,6" / 29,4 cm
  • Einführbare Länge: 8,5" / 21,5 cm
  • Gesamtlänge: 10,2" / 25,9 cm


  • Spitzenumfang: 8,3 cm
  • Umfang der breitesten Stelle: 11,6" / 29,5 cm
  • Basisumfang: 13,4" / 34,1 cm
  • Einführbare Länge: 10,2" / 26 cm
  • Gesamtlänge: 12,4" / 31,4 cm


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Oli W.

I love the color! It's great quality and it shipped fast. I also got a free little tentacle too :) thank you!

Never arrived

I order two sleeves that never arrived.

Hi Zadie,

I'll reach out to you privately and we'll get this resolved.



Kathy h.

Love this toy! Good quality, quick delivery. Also received some free goodies! Will def be ordering others from here.

Audrey E.

The product itself is well made and good quality. I think I may have accidentally chosen colors that were too close in hue when getting a custom gradient, because it looks more like a solid purple.. but I guess that's on me. I will most likely order again in the future and chose better colors!

rachel W.

Wow. I ordered the small and its still quite sizable! Nice weight gorgeous texture. Love the colours 😍

(In hindsight i should have ordered softer? I wasn't certain how to judge it from just reading the description. but thats just personally. This was my first order so i know better for my second huh 😉 )

James B.

Amazing and defiantly a fulfilling feel


i love this
i love this! colours are amazing and so very pretty. silicone is nice and soft, feels great. messaged the seller about postage and they got back to me quickly. need to wrap this up and get it under the xmas tree! if you're thinking about buying from this place, i would def recommend it xxx


Try them out
I initially heard about Uncover Creations from a friend that had bought one of their products and loved it, so thought I’d try them out. I’m fairly new at all of this, and only have a few basic toys, so was quite excited to see the interesting and unique designs that were available. I picked the one I wanted and was even more excited that there was an option to personalise the colours; something I’ve never seen with other companies. My order was delivered swiftly in an unassuming box, with a personalised note enclosed - I thought that was such a lovely touch. The product itself is of a high quality and exactly what I asked for… I only wish I went large now, but I’ll know for next time! I’m really looking forward to what designs Unique Creations come up with soon and will definitely be buying some more from them!

Crosspost review from Etsy 17 Dec, 2021

Mrs. a.M.

My favourite dildo
I bought this toy in the soft version and the small size. The tentacle suckers gives amazing stimulation without being too intense. I love the texture on the back of the toy as well, it really adds to the whole experience.

Great value for money and I think I'll get the medium size next!