Der Tiefentrainer

Größe: Klein
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Inspiriert von der biomechanischen Kunst von HR Giger, wird dieses Monster mit seinem stromlinienförmigen Design Ihre verborgenen Tiefen erkunden. Mit subtilen, natürlichen Äderungen und einem gerippten Schaft, der sich über die gesamte Länge erstreckt, werden Sie mit dieser beeindruckenden Kreation in eine intensive Stimulation versinken.



  • Spitzenumfang: 2,7 Zoll / 6,9 cm
  • Umfang der breitesten Stelle: 6,3" / 16,1 cm
  • Basisumfang: 7,4" / 18,9 cm
  • Einführbare Länge: 10,8" / 27,5 cm
  • Gesamtlänge: 12,8" / 32,6cm


  • Spitzenumfang: 8 cm
  • Umfang der breitesten Stelle: 20,6 cm
  • Basisumfang: 9,3" / 23,6 cm
  • Einführbare Länge: 14,5" / 36,9 cm
  • Gesamtlänge: 16,1 Zoll / 41 cm


  • Spitzenumfang: 3,5 Zoll / 9 cm
  • Umfang der breitesten Stelle: 8,5" / 21,5 cm
  • Basisumfang: 10,2" / 26cm
  • Einführbare Länge: 21,7" / 55cm
  • Gesamtlänge: 24,4" / 62cm


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Alyssa C.

Honestly we are very happy with everything and will be back for more!!


Etsy Review 31 Oct, 2022 Allan

James S.

I order the large on in medium firmness and let me tell you, when all 21.7" is buried deep inside you, it is pure ecstasy! It feels amazing and just glides in and out, effortlessly. I highly recommend this toy if your wanting to start training for depth.

Adam B.

The Depth Trainer in Meduim size is incredible. Extremely well made and packaged, my only issue was that the customs declaration states that its a silicone toy, it would be more discreet if it said silicone novelty or sculpture.

Would highly recommend this to anyone looking to go deep


Good quality product
First off, I must emphasize that overall I am very happy with the toy and the product information is very accurate.
However, only 4/5 stars because technically, the packaging wasn't discreet, since it said 'Content: silicone toy' on the label, maybe this couldn't have been avoided for some reason but I feel like this isn't the norm. Granted, silicone toy could also be a dog toy etc but given the shape of the package, there isn't much room for interpretation.

Additionally, I would like to inform the Europeans who order from this site that in order to get my toy (I got the large one in sangria and moonkissed), I had to pay an additional import tax on top of the shipping. I know that that isn't the company's fault, but something you might want to keep in mind (it might have something to do with the weight of the package, 1.8 kg so another 62 €).

There was also a tiny pink dildo in the same shape included, which I appreciated very much (it's a bit smaller than a finger so more for decorative purposes than anything else).

I know that the color scheme can't be the same every time because of the manufacturing process, but I was a bit disappointed to notice that there was less of the second color than in the picture and I would have liked there to be more of it. It's also quite thin at the top and a rather long way down until it gets thicker (like in the picture but I imagined it to be a bit different), perfect for depth training but not a good choice for thickness lovers.


Big is bether
Great toy
Fast shipping


medium firmness depth trainer in the moonkissed
I ordered a small medium firmness depth trainer in the moonkissed colour which came out really nice. The product is really high quality and the design looks really good too. At first I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't a suction cup option to choose but the toy seems to stay put on surfaces surprisingly well, not sure if there's a slight cup to the base or if it's from the type of silicone used but it does the job. The product you get for the price is honestly unmatched in my opinion. The turn around was really quick and the store owners were more than happy to answer any questions/requests from my end. Very happy with my order and will definitely be making more in the future. Looking forward to what else they bring out.

Crosspost review from Etsy 09 Jan, 2022