The Micro Squishies: Bag of Dicks

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Size: 5x Micro Squishies (Random)
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  • Dislike Sue from the office? Boom, a Micro Dick on her keyboard*
  • Feeling the need to channel your inner mischief deity? Give one of these micro squishies a squish and reign supreme.
  • Bored of your same-old, same-old home décor? Jazz things up by dotting Micro Dicks around.
  • Got an Uncle with outlandish political views? Stop his rant by tossing a micro dick his way.

The possibilities? Well, they're practically limitless**.

Dive into this bag and you'll find a vibrant array of micro squishies, each more colorful than the last.

These micro squishies are the fun-size version of our larger toys – even more itsy-bitsy than our Mini Squishies!

As for the colours and styles, it's all a roll of the dice! We'll mix 'em up to ensure each one is a unique little surprise, aiming to keep duplicates at bay.


*Don't do this, HR will be grumpy and we can't bail you out of that one.
**Okay, they're not really – but it's fun to dream!


One Size

  • Total Length: 0.39" - 0.78" / 1cm - 2cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Miniature perfection!

These are such perfect lil' guys, the colours I got were super pretty too!

They're spot on for what I needed them as decorations for!

Sam L.
Gotta get them all!

Imagine my surprise when I open not only a box of happy for me - but I get a tiny bag of individually unique dicks! Every one is different, and as any Elder Millennial worth their salt will do, I must collect them all! They're definitely going to be in my next order - I have a collection to start!!

Alex W.

Great design, the details of the suckers was excellent. 10/10 planning to buy more of this model
In the preview image the colours seemed a bit more saturated than what I got but I'm still happy with it and it's not too different

fun little toys

This was a really fun purchase! More of a novelty than an actual sex toy (unless you're into sounding!). I think I'll buy another set with my next order. I did get a few repetitions with my 10-dick order but that's absolutely normal as they're randoms


The Bag of Dicks (Micro Squishies)