Die Knot Bullet Sleeve

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Platinum Silicone

Indulge in the best. Our platinum silicone is odorless, body-friendly, and lets you pick your ideal firmness.


Sind Sie bereit, Ihre Kugeln auf die nächste Stufe zu bringen?

Dieser böse Junge besteht aus dehnbarem Silikon, ist also superflexibel und passt perfekt auf die meisten Kugelvibratoren. Und das Beste daran: Sie können ihn sich entweder einzeln schnappen oder mit unserem Bullet-Vibrator oder unserem Spitzenmodell Nu Sensuelle Bullet-Vibrator alles packen.

Bereiten Sie sich auf eine ernsthafte Stimulation vor! Der Ärmel beginnt mit einer sich verjüngenden Spitze und sanften Kurven, die Sie zu einem leicht geriffelten Schaft hinabführen. Aber der wahre Star der Show ist The Knot. Oh Mann, dieses Ding wird dich dehnen und necken wie nie zuvor, bis es zu einem intensiven Höhepunkt und einem befriedigenden „Pop“-Gefühl kommt.

Um das Ganze abzurunden, steht dieses Meisterwerk auf einem detaillierten Sockel mit subtilen Adern, der für einen zusätzlichen Hauch von Fantasie und Spannung sorgt. Es ist die perfekte Ergänzung für alle Knot-Fans da draußen!

Also, worauf wartest Du? Schnappen Sie sich unsere Knot-Kugelhülle und bereiten Sie sich auf ein atemberaubendes Abenteuer vor! Lass die Fantasie beginnen!



  • Spitzenumfang: 3" / 7,5 cm
  • Schaftumfang: 8,8 cm
  • Knotenumfang: 4,9" / 12,5cm
  • Basisumfang: 5,1" / 13cm
  • Länge von Spitze zu Knoten: 2,4" / 6cm
  • Einführbare Länge: 4,5" / 11,4 cm
  • Gesamtlänge: 5,1" / 13cm


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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
I recommend

The size and shape are exactly what I expected based on the pictures and description. Definitely make note of the measurements, and I recommend comparing them to a toy you already have if you can. The whole process was very fast, less than two weeks from order to arrival, which is crazy to me! I picked the random multicolor option and am very happy with the colors, it looks beautiful!

Great product but one issue..

The toy was amazing, both the look and feel was exactly what I had hoped (except for one tiny flap of silicone at the tip that's jutting out for a millimeter or two, but whatever, that's a very small issue).
However, the bottom of the toy is much more oval shaped than I had realized, so despite the double suction cup supposedly working with any size "The Knot" above extra small, the toys base is just too narrow for the suction cup to work with it.
This is a big drawback as I wanted it to be hands free 😢
But in the end it's probably my best feeling toy, so I might be interested in another one with a vac-u-lock suction cup and no cum tube instead. Seeing as the double suction cup probably only works with medium or large toys if they all have the same oval shaped base.
Oh btw, the glow in the dark pink was worth EVERY PENNY! It's so pretty! 😍
Thanks for a discreet shopping experience and some very good times 😉👌

The Knot

The colour is beautiful, texture phenomenal and it feels wonderful. It has become my immediate favourite toy. So glad I bought the small though as I’m yet to get the knot in me.

It's perfect!!

I've been hunting around artisan creators for a knotted dildo and finally pulled the trigger with Uncover Creations! I was a little worried about the colors after seeing some review photos but mine came out beautifully!

The firmness is great, although I feel I'll have to come back in the near future for a size up. This size is a great starter size!

Shipping was incredibly fast. I paid for express shipping to Canada and the toy was shipped and arrived within a week of ordering!! My friend and I ordered together and that's insane turn around for 2 custom pour toys!

I would definitely recommend this and can't wait to purchase more from UC!

Size: Small
Firmness: Super Soft
Colour Style: Fade
Colour: Candy Store + Denim
Base: Vac u Lock (it fits great)

So much personality it feels wrong to just call it a toy!

I got The Knot in the small configuration and soft silicone, with a cumtube. The premium "Surprise Me" silicone looks absolutely gorgeous. At first, I was worried that the soft silicone would be too unwieldy to use. It's actually great for novices, with the firmness being slightly softer than Vixen Creation's Bandit. This greatly helps with taking the knot after some warmup, which feels satisfying, to say the least.

In retrospect, I would have reconsidered getting the cumtube. For one, I wish it came with a "tube stopper" to help keep things tidy in storage. Even though the cumtube itself is expertly designed, it requires more care which adds friction to regular play. Let's be honest though -- regular play is happening regardless with this lil beauty ;)