The Lunar Grinder

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Get ready to take one giant leap for your pleasure with the Lunar Grinder, our insertable grinder that’s truly out of this world! This device is designed to thrill with its sleek contours and heavenly details, featuring an insertable tip that’s sure to send your senses into orbit.

The Lunar Grinder comes equipped with two cosmic black nylon straps, each measuring 2.5 feet. Whether you’re docking it to a pillow, securing it to your hand, a thigh, or a forearm, these quick-release buckles let you strap in for a night of smooth sailing across uncharted territories of bliss. So, suit up and prepare for a mission of exploration that’s both deep and delightful.

We recommend you use a jolly good dose of your favourite lube for extra slip 'n' slide and if you want an even smoother finish, upgrade your grinder with our Silky Smooth Upgrade. 

Silky Smooth Upgrade
We offer the ability to upgrade your grinder with a silky smooth finish. To achieve this silky smooth finish, we use an additive derived from Durian tree nuts, ultimately resulting in a more luxuriously smooth feel that glides rather than grips like other silicones.

We recommend you avoid the silky smooth upgrade if:
1. You are allergic to durian, tree nuts and tree nut derivatives or musk thistle seed
2. You are sensitive to smell - Normal silicone has no scent however using silky smooth will give the silicone a subtle, nutty scent.


One Size

  • Length: 18cm / 7”
  • Width: 13.5cm / 5.5"
  • Insertable Tip Length: 8cm / 3.14"
  • Insertable Tip Circumference: 11cm / 4.3"
  • Firmness: Super Soft - Shore 0040


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