Der Tentakelschleifer III

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Tentacular?! I’m totally a tentacle sex toy convert now, I love the Tentacle Grinder

The first word out of people’s mouths when I show them Uncover Creations? “Wow.”

the Tentacle Grinder from Uncover Creations is absolutely gorgeous

Uncover Creations is an indie maker based in the UK who recently came onto the scene with their beautiful takes on fantasy toys

The detail brings a level of fantastical realism, the thickness makes it luscious, and the overall image is as erotic as it can get.


Der Tentacle Grinder III kombiniert gerippte Texturen und weiche Saugnäpfe mit glatten, ineinander verschlungenen Tentakeln, mit denen Sie die Intensität der Stimulation steuern können.

Jeder Tentacle Grinder III wird mit zwei schwarzen Nylonbändern (jeweils 2,5 Fuß/0,7 m) mit seitlichen Schnellverschlussschnallen geliefert, sodass Sie ihn an einem Kissen, Ihrer Hand, einem Oberschenkel oder einem Unterarm befestigen und die Wellen des Vergnügens genießen können.

Unsere Tentakelschleifer wurden ausschließlich zur externen Stimulation entwickelt und bei Menschen mit Vulva erzeugt dies oft ein ähnliches Gefühl, als ob sie „oben“ wären, denn wenn man etwas Bewegung hinzufügt, entsteht Reibung, die die Klitoris stimuliert.

Wir empfehlen Ihnen, eine ordentliche Portion Ihres Lieblingsgleitmittels für zusätzlichen Slip 'n' Slide zu verwenden. Wenn Sie ein noch glatteres Finish wünschen, rüsten Sie Ihre Mühle mit unserem Silky Smooth Upgrade auf.

Seidenweiches Upgrade
Wir bieten die Möglichkeit, Ihre Mühle mit einem seidenweichen Finish aufzuwerten. Um dieses seidenweiche Finish zu erreichen, verwenden wir einen aus Durian-Baumnüssen gewonnenen Zusatzstoff, der letztendlich zu einem luxuriöseren, glatten Gefühl führt, das eher gleitet als greift wie andere Silikone.

Wir empfehlen Ihnen, das seidenweiche Upgrade zu vermeiden, wenn:

  1. Sie allergisch gegen Durian, Baumnüsse und Baumnussderivate oder Moschusdistelsamen sind

  2. Sie reagieren empfindlich auf Gerüche – normales Silikon hat keinen Geruch, die Verwendung von seidig glattem Silikon verleiht dem Silikon jedoch einen subtilen, nussigen Duft.



  • Länge: 19 cm / 7,5 Zoll
  • Breite: 14 cm / 5,5 Zoll
  • Dicke: 5,5 cm / 2,2 Zoll
  • Gewicht: 590 g
  • Festigkeit: Superweich – Shore 0040

Vibrierende Kugel


Fügen Sie ein Loch und eine ferngesteuerte Vibrationskugel direkt in die Basis Ihrer Mühle ein. Boom! Instant-Vibrationsmühle!


Seidig glatt


Sobald wir unsere Magie wirken lassen, wird sich Ihre Mühle so schick und luxuriös anfühlen, dass Sie denken werden, sie gleitet auf einer Wolke.


Vibrierende Kugel


Fügen Sie ein Loch und eine ferngesteuerte Vibrationskugel direkt in die Basis Ihrer Mühle ein. Boom! Instant-Vibrationsmühle!


Seidig glatt


Sobald wir unsere Magie wirken lassen, wird sich Ihre Mühle so schick und luxuriös anfühlen, dass Sie denken werden, sie gleitet auf einer Wolke.



Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Kate N.
love it!!!

This is the toy I always wanted and I didn't know grinders even existed until recently. It's perfect for anyone who prefers a lot of external stimulation/isn't keen for penetration.

I LOVE this tentacle grinder. The pour is beautiful, I asked them to surprise me with a basic color and I got one that's a lovely dark teal. The squish is perfect and the textures sure come through! I got the grinder with the vibrator hole and ordered their bullet vibrator to go with it. It's a powerful little thing and I was really impressed to be able to feel it all the way through the toy. I highly recommend that upgrade. I paid for express international shipping and it was QUICK. I ordered on Dec 31 and it arrived on January 4. I've used it a few times now and I love that it's sturdy/heavy enough to stay where I put it and the straps help if I need them. Add some good lube and gosh is it a fun ride. Thank you!! I'll definitely be a return customer.


I got this to help with foreplay with my hubs. We decided on the Surprise Me Premium colors and the silky smooth finish. It is everything we wanted. Ed did a great job with the colors.

Gabriele D.

According to my girlfriend the experience is fantastic but they must have been confused because I had ordered a total black one. I don't understand why they sent me a blue and black one. Another thing to say when making such a purchase is that in addition to the shipping costs there is also to pay the customs which in our case was over 25 € more ...

Thanks for sharing both the good and the not-so-good with us. First up, I'm glad to hear your girlfriend is enjoying the experience! Now, onto the colour mix-up. You ordered black; you should get black, not a blue and black combo.

If you'd like to sort out the colour issue, please get in touch with our customer service team, and we'll see what we can do to make it right.

As for the customs fees, unfortunately we can't control customs charges, but we will try to do a better job making customers aware that sometimes these extra costs could apply.

Jessica R.

Loved the toy and the pour! I think this one is a good pick if you want to try out the sucker texture, without committing to it being on the entire toy - the smooth side of the largest 'tentacle' is definitely nice for when you need a break from the additional stimulation, and you still have plenty of sections with suckers to enjoy.
Despite the texture, the toy is pretty easy to clean, the silicone is sturdy, and as stated above, I love the marbling that was done. I will definitely be ordering more toys from Uncover in the future.
Colours chosen were Neon Blue, Strong Mint, and Glow Blue (because of the glow blue's placement over top the others it definitely lightened the colour scheme I was initially thinking of, but it's still a beautiful piece and VERY easy to find in the dark, haha.)

Samantha M.

It’s far better than I imagined! I love it so much, and the color came out so beautiful! Special thank you to Ed for being the one who made my order! I love it!

Sarah B.

I got the tentacle grinder III in firelight and white with a bullet vibrator. The grinder came out exactly how I wanted it and UC customer support was amazing when the original vibrator it came with was defective! They had a replacement at my door within a week (shipped overseas).


Etsy Review 24 Sep, 2022 Andrew

A really fun toy and great customer service!

I've been looking at getting this toy for a while as it seemed fun to use! As someone who isn't comfortable with penetrative sex, having a toy that focuses on grinding while having a fun design is great! I bought the TGIII on sale and even upgraded it to have the bullet hole vibe added on. Customer service was responsive and kind as well! The color is also very cute (I chose candy shop pink I think). It took some time to understand how to use it, but once I got the hang of it I've had a great time using it. Thank you again! ^o^

Teresa J.

I mistakenly purchased same one twice! Is ok for grinding - but the sensation of tentacles is lost- i think i would prefer alot more variation of depth and parts jutting up- and more defined larger texture- monster tentacles!

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